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EnHeart - Highest Highs (Official Music Video)

EnHeart - Highest Highs (Official Music Video)

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Meet EnHeart

Music your heart sings.

EnHeart story began very unexpectedly and almost magically on July 4th, 2021 when first-time songwriter Y. R. B. "heard" the song Highest Highs in her mind and wrote the lyrics down, while riding in a car with her significant other.

Y.R.B has never written serious poetry or songs prior to that day. She was very surprised and taken aback by the powerful words that came through her. While she has never considered music or songwriting as a channel for her creative expression, she was very excited and got inspired by the possibility of this song becoming a reality. She hummed the lyrics and created a basic melody that started the journey of Highest Highs.

A few weeks later she began working on bringing the song and the music video to life, and thus Y.R.B produced her first song as EnHeart, which means to give or restore strength and courage. The project took 3 months and the Highest Highs was finally complete in September of 2021.

We hope you enjoy Highest Highs. Y.R.B is continuing to write songs and we hope you will follow her in her journey of creating inspirational and empowering music to awaken and open our hearts and nurture our souls.

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